iPhone11 for PRO-ADM+3D Protector

iPhone11 for PRO-ADM+3D Protector

iPhone11Pro for PRO-ADM+3D Protector

iPhone11Pro for PRO-ADM+3D Protector

iPhone11Pro Max for PRO+3D Protector

iPhone11Pro Max for PRO+3D Protector

/ LINKASE PRO for iPhone 11/11 pro/11 pro max


LINKASE PRO iPhone11/11 pro/11pro max


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Product Information

iPhone case is the first thing you see and feel with your iPhone everyday, we believe you deserve the best of the best for your hard work!


Introducing LINKASE PRO with perfectly arched gorilla glass

  • Using Corning Gorilla Glass to provide the most transparent surface with toughest surface hardness and shock resistance.

  • Perfectly Arched to give you the most comfortable holding experience.

  • Coated with anti-finger print layer to provide you amazing shine and durability.


LINKASE PRO, all new perfectly arched glass, all amazing shine, all about holding comfort, and all about protection.

About the Apple Graded Gorilla Glass

-Absolute transparency to display the iPhone's superior surface

-9H hardness to maintain the surface brand new

-Capable of withstanding drops 2X better than other glass

400°C+process to create the perfect arc

$ 79.95 USD

free worldwide shipping

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Best ergonomic design

TPU+glass advance injection technology

Lighter but strong on protection

Compatible with 3D screen protector



Length: 148 mm

Thickness: 10 mm

Width: 76 mm

Weight: 15g

Product Material: TPU ,PC and Glass



Packaging information


Length: 185 mm
Thickness: 112 mm
Width: 22 mm
Weight: 113g
Package contents:



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