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/ LINKASE AIR for iPhone SE 

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iPhone SE

$ 49.95 USD

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Product Information

It's All Glass


With LINKASE AIR, the glass is the case, giving you an even better looking iPhone surface.


The glass employs new techniques and technology. to precisely follow the case design, all the way to the elegantly rounded corners.

About the Apple Graded Gorilla Glass


-Absolute transparency to display the iPhone's superior surface


-9H hardness to maintain the surface brand new


-Capable of withstanding drops 2X better than other glass

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MIL-STD 810 protection grade

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Silver ion antimicrobial inside

AIR_icon_工作區域 1 複本 2.png

ADM(Anti-Discoloration Molecule)

patened TPU technology

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Extra bumper design on 4 corners

AIR_icon_工作區域 1 複本 4.png

Screen impact ultimate protection

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Camera lens full protection

The Toughest Glass

0.8mm Gorilla glass is made to last. 2X Impact Resistance, 9H surface hardness, and absolute transparency. It's the world's most durable glass, now with a whole new perspective

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Passing Military
Protection Grade with Ease



Length: 147 mm

Thickness: 11 mm

Width: 74.4 mm

Weight: 28g

Product Material: TPU and 3DGlass



Packaging information


Length: 185 mm
Thickness: 112 mm
Width: 22 mm
Weight: 111g
Package contents: LINKASE AIR-2020 X1

Soft TPU shock absorbing material, 2.0mm protection wall, and latest air bumper on 4 corners, LINKASE AIR passed the 1.2m MIL-STD 810 drop test with ease.

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iPhone's True Color

ADM (anti-discoloration molecule) formulated high density TPU prohibits most color particles. Giving LINKASE AIR the best Anti-Discoloration performance.

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Keep Your Hands Clean


Ag+ silver ion antimicrobial added to the TPU formula to keep the germs away so we can enjoy a healthier life with LINKASE AIR.

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AIR Bumpers, Engineered to Absorb Impact Force


Protect your iPhone from almost any impact with the new AIR Bumpers.

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Wearable LINKASE


Select your iPhone case model

Air Bumpers not only provided protection, but also gives the possibility to combine LINKASE with wearable strap. Difference styles of ABSOLUTE straps sell separately. Wearable strap sell separately

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for iPhone SE

size: L143 x W70 x H10.4mm

weight: 28g

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