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iSpin is the most innovative mobile ring.  

Made with Zinc alloy and industrial grade bearing, it is incredibly strong in structure yet remarkably light.



It is a product formed when engineering and production are in perfect unison. The iSpin is by far the best mobile ring in the market.


The iSpin is designed to keep your phone comfortable and secure.


-Compatible with ALL smartphones

-Horizontal or vertical kickstand

-Rotates 360 degrees

-Swivels 180 degrees

-Comfortable, natural grip

-Compact, sleek design

-Durable structure with aluminum plate



$ 9.95 USD

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Length: 32 mm

Thickness: 8 mm

Width: 32 mm

Weight: 10g



Packaging information


Length: 134.8 mm
Thickness: 8 mm
Width: 89.8 mm
Weight: 10g
Package contents: iSpin X1

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